Brokering E-commerce Deals

Welcome! If you look to buy or sell an e-commerce account or business from a third party (not from Premium Sellers) and lack experience in such a kind of deals, we will be happy to help and share our experience with you.

You can hire Premium Sellers as your best broker in order for us to handle a successful e-commerce deal for you.

With our help, you can buy or sell an Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Walmart account or an e-commerce business from a third party that you have never encountered, and where trust is the biggest challenge.

We will prepare and provide all the necessary contracts, docs, guides for you and the third party to broker a deal. The deal will be 100% safe and secure for you.

Please contact us with the necessary info regarding what you plan to buy or sell, your third party info, conditions, details, etc. We are here to make things go smoothly.

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Who is This Service For?

Our service is designed for cautious Amazon sellers who buy Amazon accounts for their big turnover businesses and who do not want to have any issues with Amazon after buying e-commerce assets.

To put it simply, our service is intended for the guys who want to make big money on Amazon while keeping their peace of mind.

Alternatively, if you look to quit e-commerce industry and have a buyer you don't trust, we can broker such a deal for you.

Service Benefits:

  • Funds are safe
  • Peace of mind
  • Low fees
  • High turnovers
  • Trusted service

If you are a TOP Amazon seller who needs a trusted service that will broker your e-commerce deals, you are welcome to contact us any time! Thank you for your business!

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telegram amazon seller contact 2020