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Seller Questions

Is it legal to sell my Amazon seller account?
Yes. Despite some people might feel uncomfortable selling their Amazon seller accounts, such a deal is absolutely legal.

Transferring an account from one seller to another is not prohibited by any law.

If your store is registered to your personal details, the account is transferred to a new company.

If your store is registered to your company, there are two options: a) you can sell it along with the business b) the buyer sets up a new company and transfers the account to this company.
Can I create another Amazon store after selling?
In general, you may not since all the data, such as card, IP address, name, home address, etc, that you used during the registration are kept by the Amazon databases. Therefore, if you create a new account and use some of the data again, both accounts may be linked and suspended.

Therefore, consider selling your Amazon seller account if you feel that you don't want to sell on that E-commerce platform anymore.

P.S. However, it is absolutely OK if you setup a company and register a new account with that company.
What's the process of selling an Amazon store?
In short:
1. We check the store
2. We send you our offer
3. You accept the offer
4. We sign a contract (if needed)
5. We pay you money
6. You give us the access
7. We transfer the account according to the contract and provide you with reports. The full transfer takes 3-5 days.

Note: We are transparent and open to a discussion. Every part of the process is absolutely negotiable. If, for example, you feel uncomfortable with our plan, you may erase some of the sensitive data (such as tax id or credit card) before transferring the account over.
How do I get paid?
Whatever is comfortable for you. In general, we send wire transfers. There are other options as well (such as Paypal).

You get the money prior to sending the account access therefore you are fully protected.
Will I have problems if Amazon suspends my store? Inc is not a tax or business authority. Amazon is a publicly-traded company that provides sellers with access to the global marketplace.

We cannot imagine a bigger problem than getting a store suspended and funds frozen. This is the biggest problem Amazon may cause to an average seller.
I have an active stock in my account. Can I sell it?
Yes, you can sell your inventory along with the store. Let us offer you the best price.
I have another question
You are welcome to ask. Please contact us:

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Buyer Questions

Can I buy many stores at once?
Sorry. We do not provide stores in bulk. Each store is a valuable business asset and we sell them by one. One premium store is worth more than 10 fresh stores.

However, if you are asking whether you can own multiple stores, the answer is: yes, you can operate multiple stores under different business names.
What is the process of buying a store?
In general, the process looks like that:

1. We share all the details and information regarding the store
2. You accept the offer
3. We send you the invoice
4. You pay the invoice
5. We provide you with the access
6. We assist you with transferring the account
Will you provide technical assistance after the sale?
Of course, we are here to make you happy. We are ready to answer all your questions and help with any issues.
I need to approve certain restricted categories. Can you help?
Of course, we can help with ungating categories (for example, Topicals and Grocery) and brands. Just let us know your needs.
How can I buy a Walmart store?
We have just launched this option. It's still in the beta mode. Join our email list here. We will notify you of the updates.
How does the transfer work from one company to another?
We will help you. You just need to form a fresh LLC with a new EIN and address. You can setup an LLC with a similar or even same name (if you reside in a different US state).

This is the cheapest and fastest way to transfer an account from one company to another since you don't have to buy a previous business. With us, all these things conducted professionally and easily.
Is it possible to change the storefront name?
The Storefront name is just a display name for any store selling on Amazon. It's not a brand or a trademark.

For example, you had the "Best Pet Store" and you want to have the "Premium Baby Products". You can change that name within a few clicks.
Can anything that is sellable on Amazon be listed under my new account or is it best to keep within the category of the previous owner?
You are free to sell anything but you should remember that some categories and brands are subject to restrictions.

However, we can help approve many categories and brands for you (extra charge is applicable).
What are the payment terms and acceptable payments?
We accept WIRE/ACH transfers to our corporate bank account.

The payment should be made within 3 days after you get an invoice.
I have a specific question
Sure. We can definitely help. Contact us:

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Amazon Issues & Misc

Amazon suspended my store. Can you help?
Yes, we can try. However, not every suspension case can be solved. It depends on many factors.
Amazon suspended my account because of sales spike. Can you help?
Well, congratulations, sales spike is a good thing for your business. But not for Amazon. 😀

This issue is called sales velocity. Check the article for more details:

Regarding the question, yes, we can help. Send us a detailed email on what's happened.

P.S. That's why we mostly offer high-velocity stores.
Can you approve the PSH category?
The Personal Safety and Household category is hot these days. Therefore, it is under strict control from Amazon.

Luckily for you, we are offering the approval service for this specific category. However, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that the category will be approved. In case of failure, we provide a full moneyback.

Contact us to order the PSH category approval.
How can I access my account? Should I buy a new laptop?
Buying a new laptop is a very nice option but it's quite expensive.

We will provide you with all the necessary technical solutions to use your new account within the comfort of your home for free.
Any contract to sign? Could we see a copy?
Yes, you can see the contract but only once we enter into the deal. Before that, our agreement is NDA.
Is there any warranty?
You are guaranteed to get a fully working store after we complete its full transfer. We provide full support after the sale and we make sure everything keeps working for you 24/7.

However, we are not responsible for your business activity as well as the products you sell. Selling inauthentic products is the main cause of a store suspension.
I have an issue not listed here
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Beginner Questions

What is Amazon FBA or FBM business?
When becoming an Amazon seller there are two order fulfillment options: Fulfillment By Amazon (abbreviated FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (abbreviated FBM).

As the majority of small businesses that start on Amazon do so to leverage the company’s huge logistics capabilities, the cast majority opt for FBA.

In general, 67% opt for FBA with just 7% choosing only FBM. The remainder uses a mix of both.

COVID-19 has changed the situation significantly. As Amazon temporarily paused or limited new shipments to their warehouses, the majority of sellers turned to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to start selling as FBM sellers.

The limits have not been lifted completely till now.

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