Walmart Accounts for Sale

Welcome! Are you looking to buy approved, verified, and onboarded Walmart marketplace accounts that are ready to go?

You are at the right place. First, you need to fill in the form with your business details.

We will contact you back with the information on what is next. The account price is $10,000. Click here to start.

2021 Trend

Walmart Marketplace is the new e-commerce trend in 2021.

Smart Premium Sellers customers have already chosen Walmart Marketplace as a powerful alternative to the stormy winds of Amazon business that has left them broken too often.

Finally, after sleepless nights of testing and huge work behind the scene, we have introduced Walmart accounts to the public.

Though quite limited in supply, Walmart stores can be purchased by any customer at any time now.

What is the Price?

The price is fixed. It's $10,000 per Walmart account with an LLC (all LLC transfer fees are included in the price). No extra fees.

Due to low supply, we cannot offer any discounts in the near future.

How Does It Work? How to Buy?

Here is the process:

1. You click here and fill in your business details
2. We contact you back with all the information
3. We sign some papers
4. You send a wire transfer
5. You get all the accesses and instructions
6. We transfer an LLC to you

Again, click here to start.

Who is This Service For?

Our service works best for experienced dropshipping and non-dropshipping e-commerce sellers who run Amazon businesses and do not want to put all eggs into one basket.

Walmart Marketplace is a perfect alternative to Amazon with its ever-changing rules and policies.

Our Walmart Accounts:

  • Fully working
  • Onboarded
  • LLC Transfer
  • Ready to go
  • Hyperwallet

If you are a successful Amazon seller who needs a trusted service to buy Walmart seller accounts from, welcome aboard!

Thank you for your business!

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