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Why E-Commerce Stores are So Valuable?

First, because you get access to the biggest retail marketplace on the planet. Having an extra store in your hands, you don't have to worry about where to sell your products.

Second, selling on Amazon is a hassle-free (compared to traditional business channels) business. You just log into the store, enter your business credentials, list your product, and start making money. Within a few clicks.

Third, you can own multiple Amazon stores multiplying your profits and protecting yourself from putting all eggs into one basket.

That's why the demand for reliable high-velocity business stores that can withstand massive inflow of orders has quadrupled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some Amazon Stats:

20,000 sellers

making $1M+ in sales each

900,000 sellers

making at least 1 sale each

Which Stores are 10x More Valuable?

A store that has been engaged in business activities for a few years and got some authority and ratings is even more valuable. Such a store gets more trust in the eyes of Amazon, and its value only grows over time. Consider it as an investment.

The Values You Get:

  • 1. Aged seller account
  • 2. Approved categories
  • 3. Perfect health
  • 4. High velocity
  • 5. No funds reserve
  • 6. Seller reputation
  • 7. Seller-Fulfilled Prime
  • 8. Business loans
  • 9. Registered brand
  • 10. Active listings & products

Business Accounts That Work

Business accounts that we offer are intended for a single purpose only - for making you money. And they do it perfectly well. Giants like Amazon use a number of metrics to determine the credibility of any store operating on their markets.

Failure to "pass" their "test" often ends with imminent suspension. This is what does not happen to the stores we supply (of course, if you don't sell counterfeit products).

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